I woke up as my roommate left for work. I wanted to get up and be productive, but I had no idea what to focus on.

Should I apply for a new job? Should I do some freelance transcriptions for a few dollars? Should I work on my business in some way? If I do, should I be making content or finishing up my branding? Is anything of this even worth it?

I mentally argued with myself for a while, torn between following my dream of working for myself and the very dire desire (well, NEED) for money, like, yesterday.

Feeling unsure, I closed my eyes for a few minutes. I asked myself what would be best for me to work on. Usually, I’d get an inkling of what I should do, but as I lied there I “heard” nothing.

So…should I just do NOTHING then? I asked myself. Not even sensing a response to THAT, I rolled back over and decided to stay in bed.

Normally, by getting quiet and asking myself what was best for me to do, I’d intuitively know what I should work on, and it’d feel easy to just go ahead and do THAT. This is inspired action – those things you do when you feel inspired to do them. It may be work, but it doesn’t FEEL like work. It feels aligned with you and what you want, and it becomes an easy, perhaps even joyful, activity.

But that morning? Yeah…nothing was inspiring me to do anything.

As I lay there, a single thought occurred to me:

The Universe responds to those who take ACTION.

I realized that even if I wasn’t feeling inspired, it was no excuse for me to be lazy. If I wanted to change my life, I’d have to put in some effort.

It was enough to make me get up. I cleaned myself up, made myself some coffee, and sat down at my laptop. I picked something productive from my mental to-do list – I decided to open up a job search site – and started applying for jobs. It didn’t feel inspired, but it did get me going.

I felt accomplished by the time I went to bed that night. I had applied for several jobs, cleaned, had a nice bath, and enjoyed time chilling and laughing with my roommate.

If I had instead decided to take the “silence” I heard as a sign to do nothing, I probably would have just slept in forever, and numbed my mind watching mindless YouTube videos until it was again time for me to sleep.

By doing something, ANYTHING, with my day, I jumpstarted my momentum and made something of my day. If nothing else, I lived my life to the fullest that day, and showed the Universe I was GRATEFUL to be alive.

And really, if living your life to the fullest isn’t the best way to express gratitude for this one life you’ve been given, I’m not sure what it.